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Thread: Kobe Bryant

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    Re: Kobe Bryant

    ok for those of u who say kobe should be more of a team player he did do it!!!!!!!!!im freaking tired of u haters!!! he passed the ball had 8 asst in the game, in the first half he only had 5 of the lakers 55 points but in the end he had to become another one man show because they still depened on him to win. so dont say he is a ball hog!

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    Re: Kobe Bryant

    Thats what I'm trying to explain to everyone I know. But since they don't like him, they don't listen.

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    Re: Kobe Bryant

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    The NBA in general is a steaming pile. They are marketing a certain generation and lifestyle to make money, while the game suffers.
    Too true. David Stern is a good guy, but he cares about marketing way too much. The NBA is really going down hill. Don't get me wrong, I still follow it very closely and enjoy watching and attending some games, but I can't stand watching teams draft high schoolers when 90% turn into shit. Drafting straight high schoolers has really brought the game down except for a few exceptions( KG, T-Mac, Kobe) I could and have write a whole essay on the NBA's problems. One good thing, is the Pistons and Spurs. I'm a Wolves fan, but I'm hoping for a Pistons/Spurs matchup again.(Although, I'll keep faith in the Wolves, even with McHale)

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