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Thread: KIng James

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    Re: KIng James

    "DustinDupont" wrote:
    "ejmat" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    Lebron is one of the good things about this area.

    With the economy in tatters for years around Cleveland and a large unemployment rate, he gives this area some hope.

    I remember reading about his as a freshman at St. Vincent St. Mary and that this kid was going to be the next Jordan.
    All the hype this kid has to live up to when being compared to Jordan?
    He has really come through.
    And not only is he good on the court, he is very active in the Akron area.
    He has a good head on his shoulders!

    He just makes the needed adjustments in his game.

    First, his perimeter shooting was lacking.
    Now he is good,
    Second, his free throws were down.
    Now he is better.
    Third (and most amazing) last year they questioned his defense.
    This year he is runner-up in Defensive MVP and first team all D!

    I am glad I have had the privilege to see him play many times.

    Plus, he lives 5 miles down the road from me.
    Glad he'll be a Knick soon
    :P ;D
    Yeah and the knicks would still suck :P
    Maybe so but Cleveland would suck if they didn't have him

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    Re: KIng James

    King James= second best player in the NBA

    And would make the Knicks a playoff team

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