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Internet is not allowed in jail.
I think most prisons do...as far as Jail...I think it is up to the city/county's descretion.

I can tell you that a few years ago, the Wright County jail in Minnesota did not have internet access.
How long were you in for?
lol...not long.
It was B.S. that I had to go in the first place.
Got slapped with a 100% bogus "probation violation" even though I didn't violate anything...should have got an attorney.
Basically I agreed to spend a couple days in jail so long as they didn't put anything on my drivers record.
Got busted with a .04 % BAC at age 18.

They had library days, but no internet days.
That may have changed now with the increase in internet popularity.
I doubt I'll ever get the opportunity to find out again.
Because we all know an 18 year old with a .04 is drunker than a 21 year old who blows a .04.

What a crock of shit.... it's really a ridiculous law.

They should be able to get you for underage consumption, and whatever your driving offense was, but to combine the two into a DUI, even though you're under the legal limit make no sense to me.