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    Keep your heads up, Cubs Fans!

    Looking around on I found three possibly great pieces of news for my Cubbies.

    Trump could buy Cubs?
    Donald Trump has interest in buying the Chicago Cubs, according to an interview Friday on 670 The Score in Chicago.

    Trump, appearing as a guest on the "Mike North Morning Show," was asked if he would want to own the team: "I would be interested yeah. I think the Cubs are a great franchise, a storied franchise, an amazing franchise."

    "It's sad to see what's happened to the Cubs, but management hasn't really done a good job over the years."

    "I would certainly be interested in the Cubs," Trump said. The Tribune Company is reportedly considering selling the struggling team.


    and to add to that

    While most people are looking at the Cubs just to be sellers, Jim Hendry could add at least three intriguing players to change the face of the franchise. If you don't think he's exploring the availability of Alex Rodriguez, Bobby Abreu and Miguel Tejada, you don't know Hendry. That's right, Alex Rodriguez. It's hard to see Yankees GM Brian Cashman pulling the trigger on an A-Rod deal, but the two-time Most Valuable Player has become such a target for upset fans at Yankee Stadium that owner George Steinbrenner might decide to pull the plug. If the Yankees let it be known they would move Rodriguez, a lot of teams would be interested. The Cubs are among the few who realistically could pursue a deal. They have both the financial flexibility and the parts to move back to New York. Aramis Ramirez, signed through 2008 and lately killing the ball, would be welcomed with open arms in New York. If the deal were expanded to include Jacque Jones, essentially making this one-stop shopping for Cashman, Rodriguez's biggest-in-baseball salary would not seem to be a huge issue.

    and finally,

    CF Juan Pierre also becomes a free agent, but the Cubs might be interested in re-signing him. 'I haven't heard anything, and you can't control it,' Pierre said. 'It's my first time being in a situation like this, but it hasn't affected me. "But you know how trades are. They can come out of nowhere.'

    It has been a dismal season for my Cubbies and those are just some rays of hope!

    Sorry I forgot to add the link

    he's with

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    Re: Keep your heads up, Cubs Fans!

    A-rod back at SS where he belongs playing in the best park in baseball....that would be great!
    You republican whore!

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    Re: Keep your heads up, Cubs Fans!

    Im not an Arod fan, but he is sure as hell better than Cedeno.

    Bring on Trump also!
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    Re: Keep your heads up, Cubs Fans!

    First thing that would help is get rid of Dusty Baker.

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