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    Kansas tornado pictures

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    Re: Kansas tornado pictures

    Those are some disturbing pictures. I hope all the people affected bounce back quickly.
    It's amazing all the damage different kinds of weather can do.

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    Re: Kansas tornado pictures

    Wow! It pretty much leveled the entire town.

    I hadn't even heard about it until just now.

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    Re: Kansas tornado pictures

    Holy crap that's awful. Amazing more weren't killed. Makes me realize how good I have it sometimes...
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    Re: Kansas tornado pictures

    Only the grain elevator still standing and it hardly looks damaged at all. WOW! Some photos!
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    Re: Kansas tornado pictures

    Damn, Yeah hopefully they get the help they need to rebuild.

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    Re: Kansas tornado pictures

    Ever heard the old saying?

    "Don't mess with mother nature, she ain't no punk".

    Very sad indeed.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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