The Minnesota Gophers are having a pretty good season so far. Coach Brewer, after a season of "fire him" following his 1-11 season, is gaining some respectability in the Twin Cities and in the press. He has a very young, inexperienced team. How long this will last is debateable because fans know the Gophers "always" seem to screw up something good. But for now, things are looking up at Minnesota.

Now, compare that with the Vikings. A team who was suppose to have so much talent that they would win the NFC North going away and deep into the playoffs. The team is 3-3 and with the way they are winning they may not even get to the playoffs. The coach's head is being called for by the fans and the media. For now, things are not good for the Vikings.

What a contrast between two teams. Not only that but the Gophers have their brand new stadium. There are some doubts that the Viking will ever get their dream of a new stadium realized.

So what does this all mean? Beats me. But if Minnesota keeps winning and the Vikings continue to have a average team with a less than average coach (according to the fans), I think the fans will totally turn on the Vikings while the Gophers will have a packed house full of rabid fans. That could spell doom for the Vikings in more ways than one.

Just a thought...