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I grew up my whole life with dogs, beagles, shepards, mixed wolf breeds and my favorite of all Blue Ticks...I hadn't had a chance to raise a dog the past 5 years or so due to college etc. Well I just graduated and got my own place(condo granted). But I felt it was time to get me another dog/companion for watching the Vikes and running and just being around. Well my sister-in-law's aunt runs the Heartland Humane Society so I was looking into adopting...Then I saw this little guy and read his story and couldn't resist....I just wanted to ask all of you for any advice on raising the pup and also say if you are looking for a dog check your local shelters/humanes society. There are plenty of dogs, great dogs for that fact that need great homes....

Here is my pups story below, he is a German Pointer Mix(I named him Rocky, they named him Oliver, but he is responsive to Rocky better..)

The pups spent the first 4 months of their life in a shed.
Most of their contact was with a child.
With lots of love and understanding, and helping them with their journey (lots of socialization, trying new things, taking lots of walks, crating, obedience classes for confidence, etc.) that would make a 100% change in the right direction for them.
Oliver is the most outgoing in new situations, so far.
He too, is very affectionate and so sweet.
He acts like the "big brother" with his sisters.
At 17 lbs. at 5 mo. old, 35- 40 lbs. should be a reasonable guess at his weight as an adult.

Awesome dog!
We are dog lovers up here in New England.
Have had dogs for my entire life--all shelter dogs.
When I become more tech savy, I plan on posting a photo of my "Greta" (she already had the name) in her Minnesota Vikings doggie jacket.
She is a Jack-Russell Whippett mix.
Unfortunately, my neck of the woods is not like middle-America.
Dogs have more integrity, loyalty, bravery and are much more trust-worthy than the average Mass. resident.
I would not want to live in a world without dogs!
Very well said my man....Whippets are great dogs, my brother had one when we were kids and it was prolly the most loyal dog I have ever seen......

Yeah, she's loyal allright--loyal to wifey who babies the crap out of her.
Do you remember how much stamina your bros' dog had?
this one is half Jack Russell.
Runs like a greyhound--for about twenty mins.
Then craps out.