LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- An 82-year-old woman who was given a jaywalking ticket for taking too long to cross a busy street won't have to pay the $114 fine.

Mayvis Coyle had become something of a sensation after her case was publicized in April. Senior citizen advocates were outraged at her treatment. News camera crews showed up at her door unannounced.

Last week, however, Coyle received a mailed notice that a court commissioner had found her guilty of jaywalking but suspended the fine.

"It sounds like a compromise, like they're trying to save face," Coyle's son, Jim Coyle, told the Los Angeles Daily News, which first reported the ticketing. "We're grateful for everyone's support."

Coyle was vacationing in Colorado and unavailable for comment.

Police said Coyle entered a busy intersection on February 15 after the red "Don't Walk" sign had started blinking.

Coyle said the white "Walk" signal was flashing when she started across the intersection with her cane in one hand and groceries in the other.

"How could she have gone any faster?" said Bill Daniel, chief executive officer of ONEgeneration, a senior-services agency. "It just seems like we have to be more patient."

Police maintain that the officer was looking out for Coyle's welfare because of a rising number of pedestrian deaths.