[size=12pt]Jose Feliciano’s Star Spangled Controversy[/size]

I found this to be a very interesting report of how Ernie Harwell, voice of the Tigers, had a hand in choosing who would sing the National Anthem at Tiger Stadium. One of the artists was Jose Feliciano, who did an untraditional version. I remotely recall the controversy at the time...today it seems very tame by comparison to many of the other things happening during that volatile era. This is a 7-minute report you might also find of interest. (Scroll down the page a bit.)

Before Game 5 of the 1968 World Series, Jose Feliciano pulled away from the traditional rendition of the national anthem and sang his own version of the "Star Spangled Banner." It was a turbulent time and Feliciano’s performance caused a furor. Only A Game’s Doug Tribou reports.
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