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Thread: A Joke...

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    A Joke...

    The angels were frantic because they hadn't seen God for six days. On the seventh day, Gabriel found God sitting on a bench gazing out into the universe. Gabriel exclaimed, "Lord, we were worried! Where have you been?" God replied, "Look what I created" and he pointed out to the magnificant universe. Gabriel pondered the amazing spectacle in front of him as asked, "What is that?" God smiled and said, "That is Earth. I created a perfectly balanced place. I made rich people and poor people. White people and black people. Smart people and not so smart people. Everthing is a balanced harmony." After a few more moments Gabriel asked, "What is that on Earth?" God responded, "That is Washington State, my favorite place on Earth. The land is very beautiful, but best of all the people are intelligent, honest, hard working, kind, and very decent." Gabriel pondered God's statement for a while and then asked, "How did you balance that?" God smiled and replied, "I created another Washington..."

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
    Edmund Burke

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    A Joke...


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