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Thread: Job advice

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    Re: Job advice


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    Re: Job advice

    "UffDaVikes" wrote:
    Jobs that are enjoyable can be hard to find. IMO it is not worth 25% to go to a place where you are not happy and have to work harder besides.

    Life is short, do everything you can to make it enjoyable.

    I agree 100%. Having a job you do not enjoy, not only impacts your work life, but can negatively affect your family life as well.

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    Re: Job advice

    Making a change is always scary, you have to evaluate the stability you have, and a change in companies will put you on the bottom of the seniority ladder. Be happy you have a job, but always try to grow and learn. Make sure you give a notice, and take a shot at the new position. Career growth and advancement is important when making tough career decisions, the money isn't always the determining factor.

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    Re: Job advice

    "Marrdro" wrote:
    Couple of things to think about (if I may).....

    25% is a nice chunk of change but how do the benifits for each company match up (i.e. Medical, Health, retirement, vacation etc).
    Sometimes the lower paying job that has better benifits actually pays more when you look at things like that.

    Stability of the company.
    Has it been around for a while or is it just getting started?
    Right now I would opt for the more stable job/company.

    Room for growth (if you want that sort of thing).
    Which offers the best path towards advancement and ultimately, more money.
    What good would it be to take the 25% higher job if that was all you would ever get?

    Good luck in your decision my friend.

    Spoken like a true military guy with the checklist. Good points Marr.

    I don't know your age or family status, which in my mind are huge considerations for a job move. But it seems you are confident your present company is not in serious financial straits. One thing to keep in mind is if you move, you're now low man and you would probably be first out if things slowed down. Weigh the pros and cons with a look to the future (3-5 years), and see what best fits your needs and wants. (Also, ask Ned if he has a financial analysis on the company.) Good luck, and whatever you choose, it will be the right decision.
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    Re: Job advice

    In most of the interviews I've been to, the interviewer has either come off as unfrienly, or phony-friendly. They're not there to be friendly. They're there to size up an unknown person, with the knowledge that they could be spending a significant amount of time and resources with and on that person. That's a stressful and awkward spot to be in (I know, having been an interviewer a couple times myself). It's a false environment that doesn't let someones true personality shine through.

    In other words, I wouldn't let the possible unfriendliness you experianced in the interview be the major deciding factor. You could end up just as happy at the new job as you are at your current one. It's also possible that what you interpreted as unfriendliness could just be unfamiliarity in disguise, especially since you sound so comfortable with your current coworkers.

    What I'd look at is your future career potential at both positions. Is this just a lateral move, or is it a Donkey Kong move (you have to move sideways to get to the next ladder up)?

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