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Thread: Job advice

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    Job advice

    Alright just looking to get some opinions here...

    The job I'm at now I pretty much love for a job. I get along great with all my co-workers (despite there being no Vikings fans :P) and managers and never dread going or anything. By no means do I make "good money" there but I generally make enough to pay my bills and enough extra for entertainment if something comes up like going out with friends, sports games, concerts, whatever but it's not like I have a good savings account going or anything. Some other cons to this job is lately I haven't even been able to get 40 hours in and it'll be a few months before things get back to normal although I'm sure they will.

    Now I have this opportunity for a new job. It's a similar line of work that pays about 25% more but I know I'll have to work much harder, do some new things, and the guy that interviewed me and people I met didn't come off as very friendly to put it nicely. But the higher pay and more hours is guaranteed.

    So regardless of what you do for a you stay where you're comfortable or do you man up and take the new job that you may or may not like?

    I know which way I'm leaning but am still looking for any thanks guys
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


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    Re: Job advice

    I guess they do pay more at BK than McDonalds for having to cook Fries and Onion Rings.

    Seriously though. Yes themoney is always better but shoudl never be the only reason. Is there a chance for long term.
    You go from being the vet to the new guy. So you are low man on the totem pole so to say. If cut baks happen "Last hired, first fired"sometimes goes into place. Things to consider,
    opportunities is there any, benefits?
    Travel time/cost.

    Just out of curiousty what are yu doing/going to do?

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    Re: Job advice

    I'd go for the higher paying job.

    25% is a lot.

    If it were were only a small raise I would not.

    It can never hurt to have another, presumably better, job on your resume. And you can always seek other opportunities following this one.

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    Re: Job advice

    Jobs that are enjoyable can be hard to find. IMO it is not worth 25% to go to a place where you are not happy and have to work harder besides.

    Life is short, do everything you can to make it enjoyable.

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    Re: Job advice

    "Tad7" wrote:
    The job I'm at now I pretty much love for a job.
    How often can someone say they're at a job that they "love?"
    Let me ask you this, at your current job, is there opportunity for advancement or higher pay?
    If not, then you might want to consider a change.

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    Re: Job advice

    I'd stick for the job you are happy at unless you can get some guarantees about long-term job potential and to gather some intel on what it is like to work there.

    Trust me, I'm a doctor.

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    Re: Job advice

    Money is great but happiness is better. Follow what you gut says. Judging by what you said about the interviewers, you are worried. Lets say you make $15 an hour. Is $150 a week worth the stress? It could be but will that pay for your prescription for drugs.
    Just kidding. I would say if you have no room for advancement, switch.

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    Re: Job advice

    It's not all that uncommon for the interviewers to not come off as friendly.
    They're trying to find the best candidate for the job, not make friends.
    My interview for the company I currently work for was very stiff and job orientated.
    My first day on the job they all made fun of me for being too dressed up and I quickly realized that everyone was pretty laid back.
    The next clue was on the first Friday when everybody busted out cases of beer at 3:00.

    It's not always what it seems at first glance.

    I would also consider long term development - which place has better opportunities for advancement?

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    Re: Job advice

    Couple of things to think about (if I may).....

    25% is a nice chunk of change but how do the benifits for each company match up (i.e. Medical, Health, retirement, vacation etc).
    Sometimes the lower paying job that has better benifits actually pays more when you look at things like that.

    Stability of the company.
    Has it been around for a while or is it just getting started?
    Right now I would opt for the more stable job/company.

    Room for growth (if you want that sort of thing).
    Which offers the best path towards advancement and ultimately, more money.
    What good would it be to take the 25% higher job if that was all you would ever get?

    Good luck in your decision my friend.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Job advice

    I would say make your decision with an eye to the future.

    Which job has more opportunity for advancement? Which job would look better on a resume if you're interviewing for a new job in 5 years?

    But I mean, if you love your current job then really the only question you might need to ask is if your love for your current job outweighs the benefits of this new job.
    "There is good and there is evil. And evil must be punished. Even in the face of Armageddon I will not compromise."

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