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    Re: Jim Rome clocked.

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
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    Quote Originally Posted by howkings
    That happened years ago when Rome was trying to make a name for himself. Rome deserved to get clocked.
    Rome does not deserve to get clocked!! lol. Im a huge Rome fan, i dont like to see that....Chris ahem i mean jim should nto have done that.
    Romie probably paid Everett to do that to him...the punch to the face looked staged to me!!! :lol:

    Romie can be funny...but he is also an a$$hole!
    Are you guys friggin blind!? :lol:

    Of course it was staged. You need to watch the video again. The palm of Jim's hand doesn't even get within 6" of his face. :wink:
    Maybe that's why Everett's out of the NFL.....he couldn't complete a play!
    BTW, Frank Calliendo (sp?) does a great Jim Rome immitation!!!
    Calliendo is the best!

    They had him on Mike & Mike in the morning doing all sorts of imitations!

    His Madden one was hilarious!
    Frank Calliendo kicks mucho asso. I love his immitations. Especially when he kind of mixes together his Bush and Madden. His Madden immitation is brilliant.
    [size=11pt]"The only thing better than food & football is maybe Brett Favre."


    -John Madden on Thanksgiving while on "Mike & Mike In The Morning"

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    Re: Jim Rome clocked.

    Heck yah Chez!

    He is coming to Cleveland soon, I am going to get tickets!

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