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    Jersey Sizing Question

    Finally talked my g/f into getting a Rice jersey for the year, but have no clue what size to get her.
    She's 5'1" 110 lbs, would a medium regular do ok or should I order a children's "8"?

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    Re: Jersey Sizing Question

    if your thinking of getting a Women's size jersey, I have no idea.
    For regular mens sizes, Medium is the smallest they come, but it would be like a dress on her.
    You may have to look into youth sizes, or maybe a Women's small, but agian, I'm not sure how the Women's jersey's size up. I'm getting a Medium coming in the mail in a few days, so I can tell you how big that is.

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    Re: Jersey Sizing Question

    I would go with a youth jersey instead of a woman's. They are a lot cheaper. My girlfriend is about that size and wears a 10-12 medium in youth .

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    Re: Jersey Sizing Question

    yes a men's jersey would be a dress on that tiny girl. go with the children's size for the cheaper price.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Jersey Sizing Question

    They make a woman's size S/CH (small/child). That should work as well.

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