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Thread: a j pierzynski

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    a j pierzynski

    i am also, (big time vike),a brewer fan living in chicago. i do not remember much talk about a j pierzynski being a jag in minn. i do remember talk of him not being a good teammate on the west coast. how did everyone up there look at him then? he seems to be the consummate team player in chicago. my apologies for starting a thread in the wrong forum. thought i was in the clubhouse. first time threading. still no excuse. flog me.
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    Re: a j pierzynski

    Well, I am a Cubs Fan and I say it was a clean hit. But, Barrett was just frustruated. I heard he was like the worst teammate in San Fran.

    By the way, the Cubs are absolutley HORRIBLE!

    I was at the game today and they had a 5-3 lead goin into the ninth and they blow it and they loose


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    Re: a j pierzynski

    It was a clean hit and pierzynski did nothing to be fined for.

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