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Thread: Iwo To

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    Iwo To

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    Re: Iwo To

    I don't agree with that name change at all.
    Too much history has taken place under the name Iwo Jima

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    Re: Iwo To

    You'd think that to honor their solders, they would keep Iwo Jima. But the Japanese have a different type of honor and pride. I don't think this name change will heal any National Pride, just a way to forget the sacrifice our two countries made on that Island. One of Valor, and one for....... a Emporer whom would rather sacrifice 20,000 lives than surrender.

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    Re: Iwo To

    Interesting in the fact that the original name for the island was Iwo To.
    But in the end I don't think it matters.
    It will always be remembered as Iwo Jima.
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    Re: Iwo To

    It will always be Iwo Jima, no matter what a sign says.

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    Re: Iwo To

    Well we're not changing the name of the memmorial.

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