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Thread: IPods

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    Re: IPods

    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    It seems most people who have/like ipods really like itunes.
    So if you like itunes then by all means get an ipod.
    I just personally prefer the ease of use and flexibility that comes with just dragging and dropping songs on to my mp3 player.
    Exactly and your basic common person would want it that way. That is why I recommend MP3 Players. I personally have a 20GB SanDisk Sansa View. I have never had a problem with it.

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    Re: IPods

    There are lots of players out there that are just as good as the iPod and cheaper
    i.e. Creative if all you want is a player, BUT what you won't get with all those other players is an incredible amount of 3rd party products.
    i.e. tons of speakers designed specifically for the iPod, cases, radio connections, etc.

    I have a connection to my car stereo, that DOESN'T use a FM transmitter.
    It's great as I have full control of changing tracks and fast forwarding from my steering wheel controls.
    Plus, the name of the song appears on my radios face plate.
    It also charges the iPod.
    I doubt you'll find a similar product for other MP3 systems.

    I love my iPod for this reason the most.
    I do agree that not being able to convert WMA files in iTunes is a PAIN.
    But I use a 3rd party software, Tunebite, that will convert them, even if they are copy protected.

    I also recommend two other things.

    The Marware Sportsuitâ„¢ Convertible case.
    It protects the iPod completely, is not bulky, provides armband and belt clip options, plus extra protective cover with the armband that works well in the rain.
    I've had my iPod video for 3 year and almost always have it with me and when I take it out of the case it looks like NEW.

    If you tend to be rough on things, buy the Apple warrenty.
    I broke my iPods twice.
    One broke while I was riding my bike and stupidly had it in a pocket on my backpack.
    I jumped a curb and my iPod went flying.
    It hit the ground and something broke inside, although my case stopped it from getting scratched.

    The next time I damaged my iPod, I went sea kayaking with it, DUMB DUMB DUMB, since I didn't have a water proof case.
    Thus, it got wet and stopped working.

    In each case I just took it to the nearest Apple store and they replace my iPod, without any probing questions.
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    Re: IPods

    "gagarr" wrote:

    The next time I damaged my iPod, I went sea kayaking with it, DUMB DUMB DUMB, since I didn't have a water proof case.
    Thus, it got wet and stopped working.
    Haha, well played sir.
    I have friends who have replaced their cell phones like 3 times because they forget to take it out of their pocket before jumping in a lake or pool.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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