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    Investigators probe eBay account

    BLACKSBURG, Va. - An eBay account that investigators believe may have belonged to the Virginia Tech killer was used to buy two ammunition clips for the type of gun used in the rampage, according to the auction site.

    The eBay account holder with the handle Blazers5505 also sold several books with violent themes and tickets to Virginia Tech football games and lists Blacksburg as his address.

    A search warrant affidavit filed Friday stated that investigators wanted to search Seung-Hui Cho's e-mail accounts, including the address [email protected]

    The account holder recently bought two 10-round magazines for the Walther P22 — one of the weapons used in the massacre. The clips were bought from a gun shop in Idaho.

    He also sold a graphics calculator that contained several games, and bought many books about violence, death and mayhem.

    "The calculator was used for less than one semester then I dropped the class," he said.

    His eBay rating was superb — 98.5 percent. Only one person gave him a negative rating. The site says the person has had an account since January 2004.

    Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said investigators are "aware of the eBay activity that mirrors" the Hotmail account. "If that is in fact Cho's account, I don't know.";_ylt=AiWAnIRWUmyHnZCN3p.ydl QuQE4F

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    Re: Investigators probe eBay account

    Id feel bad if i was the one who sold him the gun.

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    Re: Investigators probe eBay account

    "SageVike" wrote:
    Id feel bad if i was the one who sold him the gun.
    I would too but you have to realise that when you sell things over the internet, you don't know who they are going to. The seller didn't know that the person he (might have) sold the ammunition to was going to be a murderer and kill dozens of people. It just happend, there was no way of knowing how he would use the ammunition.
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