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    Re: Inmate eats cellmate

    Cannibalism suspect schizophrenic, lawyer says

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    Re: Inmate eats cellmate

    Investigators initially discounted his claims of cannibalism when they found the victim’s heart intact.

    But a state prosecutor said on Friday that an autopsy revealed pieces of muscle from the victim’s rib area and part of his lung were missing and were not found at the crime scene, rendering “the confessions of cannibalism ... very probable.”
    Well, that explains both the french story and the later Danish one...
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    Re: Inmate eats cellmate

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    I can't believe this many people actually believe it happened. After reading the first article that completely debunks the whole story, it appears to me the Danish one was fabricated from the inmates lie for the sole purpose of selling newspapers
    There is a new article today, in a diferent Danish newspaper: Link

    Remember I said that I'm not sure myself what happend, but I think the sources is getting better. But I'll translate this one too, it is a bit longer and has a little more info:

    A horrifing case has hit France this week. An inmate in a prison in the town of Rouen were found murdered in a celle, he shared with two other inmates. The corpse had a big open wound to the chest, when the prisonguards discoreved the murder, claims

    Under interrogation of the two inmates the one of them explained, that he had been eating the heart of the murdered. The police however claimed that false as nonsense, as the corenor established, that the heart were intact and inside the body.

    At a closer examination of the dead inmate however, it were established that muscletisue from under one rib, and part of one lung were gone. The bodyparts has not since been discovered in the cell, and the police therefore thinks, that ther murderer has mistaken the organs, and eaten what he believed were the victims heart.

    - That pieces of the dead body has disappeared, and that we haven't been able to locate those at the scene of the crime, gives us the suspition, that ther murderer is a kanibal, and has eaten his victim, says Joseph Schmidt, who is the district attourney of the case.

    Both the assumed prison-kanibal and a third cellmate is now charged with murder. The third inmate had first claimed to the police that he were asleep, while the victim were killed, and therefore knew nothing of the case. Since he has admitted, that he were awake, and knew what were going on in the cell.

    The kannibalcase strikes less than a year after the German kannibal Armin Meiwes were sentenced to life for murdering and eating a willing victim, who he had established contact with over the internet.

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    Re: Inmate eats cellmate

    So did he go to the forest and set up this camp.

    Is this an exclusive photo?

    [img width=400 height=300][/img]

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