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    Re: India's Tata unveils world's cheapest car

    if you got in an accident you would die

    Thanks josdin00

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    Re: India's Tata unveils world's cheapest car

    "mblack76" wrote:
    "BloodyHorns82" wrote:
    "jmcdon00" wrote:
    "Frostbite" wrote:
    Yea...and already the "Enviornmental Clergy" is condeming it because it uses Fossil Fuels. Another under-developed nation tries to industrialize for the betterment of it's own economy and people... and they get criticized for it. They never bothered to point out the thing is economical and highly fuel efficient in there attack of it either.

    People in Sub-Saharan Africa would kill for this mode of transportation. They gripe about livestock pollution (Methane) destroying the Ozone layer yet won't let people drive a car instead of riding a mule/horse/etc.

    Speaks volumes about the real agenda of the so called "Enviornment Movement"

    I think there will be real problems in the future if the entire world has automobiles in the future, we already have a lot of problems with pollution and only a small portion of the world is industrialized. Still it seems wrong to blame people in another country for driving a vehicle that gets 50mpg while people in this country drive vehicles that get 10mpg everyday.
    Which vehicles get 10 miles per gallon?
    Most SUVs and trucks now days get closer to 17-20 miles per gallon than 10.

    The bigger cause of roadside pollution comes from the 100's of thousands of semi-trucks that haul all of our consumable goods and fuel from one side of the country to the other...not from the posh businessman in his fancy Chevy Tahoe.

    Ask yourself how much of the environmental issues we have today was caused by less developed countries?

    You make a debatable point here marstc09. but I would submit that the "World Enviornment" is NOT in as bad a shape as some would have us believe.
    While it is true that some of the more Indutrialized Nations have caused a lot of polution they have also...for the most part... taken the lead in spending money and doing the most to clean up the Air...Water...etc. China is now the real world leader in pollution in just about every area of concern. Since about 1960 they have begun to make the attempt to catch up and surpass the West and the former Soviet Union in Technology and Industry. This is due to there large population which needs economic growth in a big way for it to thrive.

    I was in the Peace Corp for several years traveling and living abroad and I can say without a doubt that the U.S. does more than any other Nation to help the under-developed Nations of the World too. For the Critizism we seem to receive I for one do not wish to return to the horse drawn cart, sun dial, Abbacus, or rubbing sticks together for a warm fire. For all our so called problems this Country is still the greatest place to live I have ever seen.

    This may be a bit off topic so I will try to get back on by saluting India for this effort of independent industrial commerce production. I think some folks over here may even buy one for 2500.00 if for no other reason to make themselves feel good about helping support this India effort.

    Where is Frostbite Falls Minnesota?

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    Re: India's Tata unveils world's cheapest car

    "BadlandsViking" wrote:

    This thing is suppose to seat 5 adults????? I don't's been several years since I tried to stuff a phone booth. I guess it's possible...?? I don't think it would seat 5 adult Americans comfortably??

    Thanks for the post badlandsviking...

    Where is Frostbite Falls Minnesota?

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