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    Indian Jones and the Secret of the Lost Set Photos

    'Indiana Jones' items stolen, studio says
    Last update: October 03, 2007 – 8:54 PM

    LOS ANGELES - Computers and photographs for director Steven Spielberg's upcoming fourth "Indiana Jones" film were stolen, and DreamWorks Pictures SKG has asked local law enforcement to investigate, a studio spokeswoman said.
    A spokeswoman for DreamWorks declined to say where and when the theft took place. Officials from the L.A. Police Department, the FBI and the Sheriff's Department did not confirm that they were investigating.

    Spielberg's spokesman said the director was concerned the thieves might try to sell the materials.

    "We want to warn the media that anything that is offered is stolen property," Levy said. He said the stolen items contained "confidential and proprietary materials" related to the movie. ry=1&article=3390

    Steven Spielberg has another reason to be pissed off. Over 2000 production stills, production budget breakdown and other sensitive materials from Indiana Jones 4 were stolen from his office.

    This is a story that we are going to be hearing much more of in the upcoming days but here is the skinny.

    Over 2000 production stills, plenty of sensitive paperwork including a complete production budget breakdown, possibly the script from Indiana Jones 4 and multiple computers were stolen from Spielberg’s Universal Studio office.

    The thief started contacting multiple entertainment websites including and offering the stolen goods for a sum of $2000.00.

    The IESB has been informed that may had obtained some of stolen property and were on the verge of running the story on its TV division until Paramount lawyers stepped in. went as far as promoting their upcoming story but we have been informed that they have scrapped their original plans.

    The good news for Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and the fine folks over at Paramount, the alleged thief was apprehended today, October 2nd, at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. around 4:00pm PST.

    We have been told that the thief was apprehended by LAPD and the FBI with the help of a member of the online press that had been offered the stolen property. Sources tell us that an undercover sting operation was set in motion late last night with the help of the unnamed member of the online press.

    A meeting between the alleged thief and the unnamed online reporter was set up for 4:00pm at the Standard Hotel on Sunset Blvd. The sting went as planned and the arrest was made. The IESB has been told that the alleged thief was in possession of the stolen property.

    UPDATE: Correction, it was the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in conjunction with the FBI and not LAPD as previously reported that took part in the sting operation.

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    Re: Indian Jones and the Secret of the Lost Set Photos

    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: Indian Jones and the Secret of the Lost Set Photos

    they better get them back soon cuz harrison ford ain't gettin any younger!

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    Re: Indian Jones and the Secret of the Lost Set Photos

    "Prophet" wrote:

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