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    If you have something "unbreakable", don't brag.

    At CES this week many products were introduced, but sometimes claiming something is unbreakable (or unbeatable or unsinkable)is not a very good idea......or marketing stratagy.

    Last week at CES we saw Sonim's "unbreakable" cellphone, the XP3.20 Quest Pro, and were impressed when the company CEO let us take a hammer and nail (that he provided) to the screen and found that we couldn't even scratch it. Apparently, we didn't try very hard, because this reporter from the BBC managed to wreck the phone with minimal effort.

    The phone is said to be able to endure a 10-storey fall, temperatures up to 130F, being sumberged in water for half an hour, among other things except, it seems some mild banging on the metal frame of a water tank. The company will offer a three-year unconditional warranty for the phone when it goes on sale in the U.S. in the spring, though we'd suggest a review of the policy in light of these events.

    While I'm sure this isn't the kind of publicity Sonim was hoping to get out of CES, it's really more the fault of product marketing than the phone design. Remember, if you're ever tempted to tout your product as "unbreakable," "indestructible" or, God forbid, "unsinkable," just don't.

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    Re:If you have something "unbreakable", don't brag.

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