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Thread: Icebox days

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    Icebox days

    For you winter lovers out there my town will hold Icebox days it was started 26 years ago. Icebox days start on the 19th of january it lasts till the 22nd. Probably the most famous thing of this is the Freeze Yer Gizzard Blizzard Run. There is more information on the link below.
    Icebox days

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    Re: Icebox days

    I tried something like that before..wasnt a run tho..we played a charity co-ed softball tourney. I was going to watch just for support, but ended up playing due to shortage of players. I think we finished in it was cold..temp under 10 degrees, strong winds coming off the lake..i froze my nads off.. i couldnt wait till it ended..was good for a good cause, but id have to think twice about that again.

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