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Thread: I would.......

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    I would.......

    "MOSSISBOSS88" wrote:
    Hey VS I just turned 16 in July. after that Adults start to look at you with a tiny bit more respect for some reason. As for a car, my step mom got me a 1985 Dodge Lancer. The thing is a boat but its still my baby. It tops out at like 45mph i think lol. I think a great collective B-Day gift for all of us would be a Lambardi Trophy sitting in the Vikings Clubhouse. But then again, thats just me talking. Happy 16 dude!!
    Enjoy the all the crazy things in it (not too risky, though) that you wouldn't do in something nicer, make all of your driving mistakes and accidents in it too, so that when you get the car you want later, you won't screw that one up...LOL

    Seriously, be careful on the roads and get home safely on the weekends (no drinking and driving). Happy Belated Birthday!

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    I would.......

    "Viking_Spirit" wrote:
    "little redhead" wrote:
    Maybe if you wish really hard you will get a car for your birthday. Does that ever work I wonder I know I didn't get a car on my 16th birthday.
    I've been trying to talk my parents into a black Toyota Tacoma doublecab (its a pickup for all of you who dont know)....or a Ford F150....they aren't buying into it lol

    purplehorn is that you on a harley in your atvar? if so what kind of harley do you have?

    Get the Ford just as we need to remeber 9-11 we also need to
    remember Pearl Harbor. And I have a 1997 HD Dyna Super Glide.
    Green Bay police station toilet stolen.

    Cops say they have nothing to go on.

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