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    I wear a pink ribbon

    As most of you know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

    One in Eight women will develop Breast Cancer sometime in their life. The chances are you know someone who has battled the disease. I have multiple survivors in my family. The key to surviving this disease is early detection, which is why I strongly support NBCAM. Women should do regular breast self-exams and have annual mammograms if over the age of 40

    Below is one of my favorite stories about NBCAM.


    A handsome, middle-aged man walked quietly into the cafe and sat down. Before he ordered, he couldnít help but notice a group of younger men at the table next to him. It was obvious they were making fun of something about him, and it wasnít until he remembered he was wearing a small pink ribbon on the lapel of his suit that he became aware of what the joke was all about.

    The man brushed off the reaction as ignorance, but the smirks began to get to him. He looked one of the rude men square in the eye, placed his hand beneath the ribbon and asked, quizzically, "This?".

    With that the men all began to laugh out loud. The man he addressed said, as he fought back laughter, "Hey, sorry man, but we were just commenting on how pretty your little ribbon looks against your blue jacket!"

    The middle aged man calmly motioned for the joker to come over to his table, and invited him to sit down. As uncomfortable as he was, the guy obliged, not really sure why. In a soft voice, the middle aged man said, "I wear this ribbon to bring awareness about breast cancer. I wear it in my motherís honor."

    "Oh, sorry dude. She died of breast cancer?"

    "No, she didnít. Sheís alive and well. But her breasts nourished me as an infant, and were a soft resting place for my head when I was scared or lonely as a little boy. Iím very grateful for my motherís breasts, and her health."

    "Umm", the stranger replied, "yeah".

    "And I wear this ribbon to honor my wife", the middle aged man went on.

    "And sheís okay, too?", the other guy asked.

    "Oh, yes. Sheís fine. Her breasts have been a great source of loving pleasure for both of us, and with them she nurtured and nourished our beautiful daughter 23 years ago. I am grateful for my wifeís breasts, and for her health."

    "Uh huh. And I guess you wear it to honor your daughter, also?"

    "No. Itís too late to honor my daughter by wearing it now. My daughter died of breast cancer one month ago. She thought she was too young to have breast cancer, so when she accidentally noticed a small lump, she ignored it. She thought that since it wasnít painful, it must not be anything to worry about."

    Shaken and ashamed, the now sober stranger said, "Oh, man, Iím so sorry mister".

    "So, in my daughterís memory,too, I proudly wear this little ribbon, which allows me the opportunity to enlighten others. Now, go home and talk to your wife and your daughters, your mother and your friends. And here . . ." The middle-aged man reached in his pocket and handed the other man a little pink ribbon.

    The guy looked at it, slowly raised his head and asked, "Can ya help me put it on"
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    Re: I wear a pink ribbon

    Thanks, Paul. I was considering putting something up myself, but saw that you had gotten here first. You also said it better than I probably would have.

    And for all of you guys out there who have ever had reason to appreciate a nice breast: support the cause! This one is beatable.

    As they say around here in Indy: Save the ta-tas!

    My Meeple is purple. What color is yours?

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