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Wow, that is something I haven't done for alot of years.

a. Need to make sure you get your house right over/on the ledge next to a drop off.
If memory serves about 8-12' of water.

b. We used to use sliced potatoes or egg shells to break up/show the bottom/depth perception.

When you spear one, don't let him get to the bottom unless he is really big.
It will mess up the hole and you won't be able to see for a while.
I used to like to use sucker minnows in a harness for a decoy, however, my dad always made his own.
He hated it when a snake pickeral would come in and kill the sucker minnow. Waste of money he said.


Don't get the stove going to hot.
Seems every time I did that and had to open the door a bit to adjust the temp, the big boy/girl would roll through.

g. Get your house off the lake before the ice gets to thin.

It's Legal there to "spear" fish???? That would draw a huge fine quickly out here unless I was an American Indian......But thanks for the Info Marrdro.....LMAO.

You can spear rough fish like carp and also Northern Pike on the ice. You cannot use artificial light to attract them and the fishing house is a "Dark house" with no windows. I used to do it all of the time. My dad and brothers still do.
My Dad and Mom's meat shop is located on a piece of land that borders Island Lake.
I used to spend hours and hours down there in that damn dark house if I wasn't slaving away in the meat shop.

Man I miss things like that living in the south.