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Thread: As I Mature

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    Del Rio Guest

    As I Mature

    LMAO Tark

    Here is a personal story about a boy named Nick Mature.

    My sophmore year of college I red shirted, our starting DB's name was Nick Mature pronounced "Hey Dingleberry"

    Well to make a hillarious story short and boring, he broke up from his girlfriend and so now all of a sudden he was doing his own laundry.

    (I know ladies what kind of girlfriend is doing his to begin with right?)

    But any way our game day pants are white. We shared a room in the dorm. After practice one day I threw my red shirt jersey on the load of laundry by the door. Yeah...............................My red shirt was brand new.

    Nick washes it with his pants and needless to say his entire college life he was known as hot pants. Coach called him hot pants cheerleaders team mates. Daring class mates.

    It was great. Best part is I come home one day and he is sitting there with toothpaste rubbing it all over his pants and I am like WTF are you doing laughing so hard. He tells me what has happened and I die. And he has to wear them during the game so no one knows about it during practice I promised not to tell. He said since we played at night during the game no one would notice.

    Well he comes in for the meeting pantless and coach is like good god man what are you doing we have a game I don't need to see your cash and prizes put some pants on now.

    He reluctantly goes away and when he comes back every one stops and looks at him and coach says' jesus aren't you a keeper have a seat up front hot pants so we can take a look at you.

    Oh hell we lost the game but seeing those lights reflect a neon pink streak as he ran down the field was worth it.

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    As I Mature

    there's just no words for that :cheers: :sign5:
    "one thing about a birthday suit, it s always in style.
    And if it loses its shape it can be altered"

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    As I Mature

    Good ones Del Rio :salute:

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    As I Mature

    Very good work guys!! Hot pants, I love it!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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