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    I Just Met Elvis Costello!!

    I took my mother out to Claridges (5 star hotel, classier than The Ritz) for Champagne Afternoon Tea for her 50th birthday, and while we were there happily eating our finger sandwiches and drinking cups of Claridges famous-homebrand tea (my mother's tea of choice) and Gunpowder Green Tea (my choice!) and eating scones with cream and jam, who happens to walk in with whom I presume was his son, daughter and mother?

    Well, you read the title right?


    Now I don't expect you young'uns to know who he is, but the older generation of people on this site (and the Brits) should know EXACTLY who I mean. And guess what? He sat two tables from ours!! So before he sat down I squeezed in the way (after he had sat his mother down, obviously) and politely extended my hand and said "Mr Costello, I just wanted to say I'm a huge fan." He looked a little nervous, but said "Thank you very much", and that was it. I think he was relieved I didn't pull out a camera and/or ask for an autograph (I felt a little embarrassed for even extending my hand, but I'd have hated myself even more for NOT doing it).

    So between Champagne Tea at Claridges and meeting Elvis Costello I'm more than content for my Saturday!


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    Re: I Just Met Elvis Costello!!

    That's cool - I definitely know who he is!
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