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    i have to post this

    im gonna post this because i just want you people to read this and try to spread this. i know im not supposed to post this but i am because something like this has happened to someone near me. please dont get mad at me for posting this mods.

    TO REPOST THIS. it made me cry.
    My name is Jaime
    I am but three,
    My eyes are swollen
    I cannot see.
    I must be stupid,
    I must be bad.
    What else could have made
    My daddy so mad?
    I wish I were better,
    I wish I weren't ugly,
    Then maybe my mommy,
    Would still want to hug me.
    I can't speak at all
    I can't do anything wrong
    Or else I'm locked up
    All the day long.
    When I awake I'm all alone,
    The house is dark,
    My folks aren't home.
    When my mommy does come,
    I'll try and be nice.
    So maybe I'll get just,
    One whipping tonight.
    Don't make a sound!
    I just heard a car,
    My daddy is back
    From Charlie's Bar.
    I hear him curse,
    My name he calls.
    I press myself
    Against the wall.
    I try and hide
    From his evil eyes.
    I'm so afraid now,
    I'm starting to cry.
    He finds me weeping,
    He shouts ugly words,
    He says it's my fault
    That he suffers at work.
    He slaps me and hits me,
    And yells at me more.
    I finally get free
    And I run for the door.
    He's already locked it,
    And I start to bawl,
    He takes me and throws me
    Against the hard wall.
    I fall to the floor,
    With my bones nearly broken,
    And my day continues
    With more bad words spoken...
    "I'm sorry!", I scream
    But it's now much too late.
    His face has been twisted
    Into unimaginable hate.
    The hurt and the pain,
    Again and again.
    Oh please God, have mercy!
    Oh please let it end!
    And he finally stops
    And heads for the door,
    While I lay there motionless,
    Sprawled on the floor.
    My name is Jaime
    And I am but three,
    Tonight my daddy
    Murdered me.
    There are thousands of kids out there just like Jaime.
    And you can help.
    Sickens me to my soul If you just read this and don't
    pass it on I pray for you, because you would have to
    be one heartless person to not be effected by this
    email. And because you are effected, do something
    about it!! All I am asking you to do, is take some
    time to send this on and acknowledge that this stuff
    does happen, and that people like her dad do live in
    our society, and I pray for child abuse to wither out
    and die, but also pray for the safety of our youth.
    Please pass this poem on because as crazy as it might
    sound, it might just indirectly change a life. Hey,
    you NEVER know. :cry:

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    Re: i have to post this

    Well hot damn who wants a mustache ride!!??

    Jesus man, I'm glad you posted this on Tuesday and not Friday. That's a downer.

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    Re: i have to post this


    Post was fine with me.

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    Re: i have to post this

    hey thats sad- but remember------87% OF CHILD ABUSE IS COMMITED BY WOMEN!!! [yes-87%, i read it in the new england journal of medicine] now lets say jaime's dad got caught- he would go to prison! now if it was jaime's mom they would send her to counseling [and probably college after that] if that was a true story it is sad, if its made up by the man hatin' butch sqaud it just makes me mad. every year they publish " domestic abuse goes up 300% on super bowl sunday" it has been proven they lie but some paper will still publish it! ka sa ra sa ra........................
    "you dream of beating me, its time you wake up and apologize."

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    Re: i have to post this

    "you dream of beating me, its time you wake up and apologize."

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