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Thread: I Have a Dream!

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    I Have a Dream!

    OK, no one will get an ounce of satisfaction other than helping a crazed Vikings fan do something INCREDIBLE to top all pieces of Vikings memorabilia.

    I have an old car that has just been sitting around and waiting for some love...VIKINGS FANATIC love and I have finally found a team who can make that dream come true.

    I have an old 1993 Corolla I was going to get painted Vikings purple and create the ULTIMATE "Pimp My Ride" Vikings car. In the meantime, the transmission died on me...but I hung onto the car until something happened. I found a guy who owns a custom shop here in Alabama that is GEEKED to help me with my vision.

    I got a quote from him today and he said he could get the car up and running and Pimp the inside and out for $5,000.00. Here is what we are looking at:

    - New engine...possibly a Corvette...for speed. He gets good deals on those.
    - Total car breakdown.
    - Total paint job to make the outside look just like the Vikings helmet....same purple and horns and all.
    - Complete turf on the floor wiht the rest white (like inside the Dome).,
    - Complete upholstery in Vikings jersey fabric with gold accents.

    That's the basics and I need your financial help. I figured that with the huge comraderie on here and our same love for the Vikings that at least 50 people could give $25.00-$50.00 each to help this come true. I will be putting up $2500.00 of my own to get it towed to him and started.

    Here is what I will offer...those who give one of the above amounts will get a brass tag with your PP.O name on it inside the car somewhere and a PP.O mention on the exterior in the paintjob.

    I realize that this is a HUGE deal to even have the guts to ask, but when that guy offered to do it for that price, I had to pass it along and see if I could get ny help from my brothers and sisters on here since I don't have Xzibit's phone number. If I have offended anyone by posting this, please forgive. I would appreciate that if you have a negative comment on my dream that you make it personally to me via email at [email protected] instead of drag my through the mud on here as I am thinking some may find this "over the edge"...but when you have a dream...

    If you want to give, you can do so at PayPal at:

    [email protected]

    You can also send your donation, but email me directly for that so I can send you my address.

    Until next time...

    Gene Ramsay
    AKA - AlabamaViking
    Gene Ramsay
    AKA - AlabamaViking
    I'll see you on the field!
    #1 Vikings FAN in Alabama!

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    Re: I Have a Dream!

    man, if i lived in minnesota i would

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    Re: I Have a Dream!

    Sorry, I'm broke for the next three years paying off my credits cards from my trip to Norway.
    [move]"Our day WILL come!! I just hope I LIVE long enough to see it!"[/move]

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