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    I Got Really High Last Weekend

    When me and the wife went on a helicopter flight. It's the first time in a copter for me and I was surprised how smooth it all was. The annoying thing was our camera broke the week before so I had to use an old (inferior) model to get some pictures.

    These are the Forth Bridges, Gordon Brown the current British Prime Minister lives in the town at the far side of the water. My house is about 3 miles further on from there.
    It was funny being up in the sky, as all commercial flights had been cancelled due to the Icelandic volcanic eruption.

    This is Edinburgh airport with all the grounded planes, the pilot did say the ground staff had been making the best of a bad situation though by repainting all the runway markings....

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    Re:I Got Really High Last Weekend

    It must have been fun to take that chopper ride high.

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    Re:I Got Really High Last Weekend

    It's probably a bad thing to get high in the helicopter.

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    Re:I Got Really High Last Weekend

    They are awesome.

    Been in UH-60 Blackhawks and CH-47 "Shithooks" a lot!

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