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Thread: I got to meet

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    Re: I got to meet

    Speaking of people at last weeks game it was fun to see Chris Doleman roaming the Viking's sidelines during the game. I was hoping people would start with a "Dole-man" chant, but they never showed him up on the scoreboard, so I don't think people knew he was there.

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    Re: I got to meet

    If I'm not mistaken, I think Bud Grant is on the staff as an advisor.....I vaguely remember hearing/reading about that somewhere.

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    Re: I got to meet

    "countrygirl" wrote:
    Hey, did you all know that Bud Grant was at last weeks game. Mr. Countrygirl(haha that sounds funny I'm sure he'd love that) ran into him. He was in a hurry he just said hi.
    I met Bud at a promo signing he had for the grand opening of a Menards store in Winona, MN. He signed a mini helmet & pic for me & commented on my vikings polo & jacket.

    The aura the guy gives off is just incredible.

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    Re: I got to meet

    I met a former Viking player at one of the sprorts bars here in Reno a couple years back. His name is Brent Boyd...he was a Guard from '80 -'86. I had to look him up in my Tough Enough To Be Vikings book when I got home, though, because I had no recollection of him playing for us. LOL Really nice guy.....he was helping me and my g/f give some Packer fans a hard time while the games were on.

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