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    Re: I could really use all your help now, as friends and PPO

    I have posted this before on other boards. Its how I quit and have been a non smoker for 15 yrs now with no desire to ever smoke again. Other people have used this method and it has worked for them as well. :thumbleft:

    Ok here is how I did it and it also helped my friends quit as well. I know it sounds weird but let me explain why it works.

    First you have to want to quit. I mean really want to. Not just that you should quit.

    Second get a tupper ware or similar bowl with a lid.

    Third gather up all the cig butts you can find. Empty your ashtrays, gather them from outside your door etc. and put them in the bowl. Lots of them . Then get a beer and pour it over the butts and cover the bowl and leave it out where you can see it and get to it easily.

    Then every time you have that driving urge to have a smoke instead of lighting up pop the lid off the bowl and put your face down close and take two or three deep breaths or until you feel nauseous. While you are inhaling think of the contents of the bowl as being the inside of your lungs.

    I know this sounds disgusting, and it is LOL. However it works.

    The mistake most people make when quiting is they reward themselves for feeling like they want a smoke. They eat candy or they give themselves a nicotine patch rush or chew gum etc. Its hard to make the desire go away if you reward it. If you push yourself to the verge of throwing up instead, you will amazed at how fast the desire to smoke will go away. Its just straight out conditioning yourself to not want to smoke, and it will only take a couple weeks. At first you may have to do it several times a day but pretty quick every time the urge for cig comes up so does the the feeling of being sick to your stomach. To this day (going on 15yrs) the idea of putting a cig in my mouth makes my stomach churn a little.

    Think about this. I bet that a couple times you have had a really bad flu or cold when you haven't smoked for a couple days. And the idea of it just made you feel sicker. And think about how easy it was not to smoke when you! knew that doing so would make you feel sicker. This is exactly what you are doing here. You just tell yourself you are going to make yourself gag every time you feel like smoking. Just punish yourself for wanting to smoke. Pretty soon just the idea of putting your face in the bowl will make the feeling go away. Especially since the bowl gets nastier the longer it sits out. Trust me.

    The reason most reformed non smokers are such a pain in the butt about non smoking is they all end up hating cigs to some extent. In the end you can't tell yourself that you loved smoking but you just can't do it any more. You have to hate the idea of it.

    Give it a try. I guarantee it will work and you will be a recovering non smoker in 2-3 weeks. All it takes is associating smoking with the feeling of wanting to vomit.

    What have you got to lose besides a nasty habit.


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    Re: I could really use all your help now, as friends and PPO

    Amen! That is exactlt right 6 Kings!

    DCPologirl:Maybe Randy will make Aaron Brooks look better......roflmao Del Rio: I guarantee he will

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    Re: I could really use all your help now, as friends and PPO....

    It's kinda spendy.. But I bought a pack.. And whenever I wanted one I would just break it or toss it in the fire.. Support helps alot too.. Good luck man!

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    Re: I could really use all your help now, as friends and PPO....

    Ned, if your really and I mean really wanna quit JUST DO IT!!!!

    I smoked my first cig at about age 9 !! Sad, but true!!
    By the time I was 16 I was at a pack a day! Smoked 2 a day when drinking! On april 6 2002 I lit a smoke and though wtf am I doing! They taste like a$$, I don't like em, they cost to much, and there killing me! I put it out smashed my pack and have not bought a pack since!! I just finally really got sick of them, and boy can I feel the difference! No more getting winded, no more ciggarette hangovers, and no more flem throwing.......

    Anyway, just put em down, stomp on em, and forget about em!!!!

    It is not easy , but you CAN DO IT!!!
    For every question an answer! For every answer a why?

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    Re: I could really use all your help now, as friends and PPO....

    good luck man. hope you quit soon.

    Go vikes!!

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    Re: I could really use all your help now, as friends and PPO

    "DeathtoDenny" wrote:
    I had tried to quit 4 times before, and it would only take one drunken cig to launch me back into it even 10 years after. Since you "don't see," just write "good luck" or something since you don't understand all.
    Then don't get drunk when your trying to quit smoking! :wink:

    I was a HEAVY drinker & kicked that habit 5 years ago. *knocks on wood*

    Quitting smoking is much harder than that, but I'll be giving another go at it shortly. Nicotine is 2nd only to crack cocaine when it comes to quitting.

    Support, determination & drugs to curb the cravings are all key. I tend to take advice from people who have successsfully quit there addiction, rather than someone who never was, but is "book smart" on the subject.

    Your doctor will inform you on your best options. I know Wellbutrin will be tops on his list. Just make sure your doctor is knowledgable on the subject.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: I could really use all your help now, as friends and PPO

    Hey Ned,

    I went cold Turkey in `94 after a good ten years. Not as long as most, but more than enough to get addicted. Here's my two cents. As far as the chemical addiction goes; it'll lessen after a few weeks. You will start to develop the cough for probably a few months as your lungs heal. This is all good. I went cold during a flu i cought back then, so I felt like crap for a week no matter what. So like all illness, you don't give in to it, you tough it out, wait it out, rest up, heal up, and eventually you'll feel better. Believe that.

    The real addiction is "the Habit". If you want to succeed, you have to do things that support a no smoking atmosphere. Cold Turkey applies to the situations and places you like to smoke as well, that goes for people you hang with too. For a few months you have to get the distance between you and it. That means at every point in your day, if you are where its happing, you are gonna be somewhere else. It is absolutely a psychological addiction and nothing triggers it more than an environment or a situation. Just "not smoking" isn't enough. "Quitting" isn't enough. Don't act on the negative, meaning, don't focus on quitting, don't focus on the power it has over you; you focus on positive opposing actions instead. Don't give it any more power over you it already has developed. Habit breaking is about having another positive action to take in its place. That's why people chew gum, they start walking or riding a bike, chew candy, do something you enjoy, fix something, anything except that one waist of time. Friend, replace it with a better habit, better actions. In the beginning, "stopping" or "not" smoking is not active enough, there is no action in stopping or not doing something. You have to Do something about it, and it requires action on your part. You have to change your environment as well as you behavior. Focus ahead and just leave it behind.

    Good Luck.

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    Re: I could really use all your help now, as friends and PPO


    Now that you have heard from everybody hear who does not smoke, listen to me.

    I smoked 2 packs a day Marlboro reds. I smoked for 12 years. Tried quitting numerous times.

    Now, for the hard part.

    You are a strong guy...strong willed, I know this. You just up and quit, period. I know a lot of you are saying do this and do that. That works for some and not others, I know because I used to smoke, Just do it. After a week I was fine! Only 1 week.

    Ned, remember you are strong.

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    Re: I could really use all your help now, as friends and PPO....


    I really want to thank you all for your support, either it be Kind Words, or Harsh..

    From either Smokers, Past Smokers, or Never Have Smokers..

    I will tell you all this now,

    I have 5 packs left in the last carton that I've bought..

    That will last me about 4 days, so come next Wensday, THATS IT DAMMIT....I'll never buy a smoke again..

    I'll post here when support is needed, and that may be often, but I'm determined to give myself a long and healthy life.

    And my son a smoke free dad, that he can look up to...

    I'll just have to pick up a new bad habbit like Cajuns, Panty Sniffing...LMAO..

    Thanks all, your the best.....


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    Re: I could really use all your help now, as friends and PPO....

    Ned just go fishing man.. Or go choke a hen or something! Just keep ur mind off of them.. Remember how nasty they taste.. And how bad ur lungs are gonna look.. Burnt nasty and black.. Remember ur kids would want you to quit and we all support ya! You are strong like Ultra said.. Show it! Good luck bro!

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