"Benet" wrote:
"michaelmazid" wrote:
words can not explain how happy I am to see Sadam hung. they should have put it on pay per view and I would have paid big bucks to watch it go down.
You're having a ***I SHOULD NOT EVADE THE WORD CENSOR*** giraffe aren't you?!

Jesus Christ.. How sick are you?! I'm all for the man being punished for his crimes.. But that fact that 1) they couldn't convict him for something more recent or perverse than what happened almost 20 years ago and (2) there was nothing more than a kangaroo court to try him in leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

As much as I hate to say it, this is EXACTLY THE BLOODY SAME as what the Nazi's said at the end of World War II: it's a trial run by the winners against the losers. Nothing about how Saddam was armed by the UK and the US.. Nothing about how he had sweet FA to do with Al-Qaida in terms of weaponry or planning. Hell, Osama travelled through Iran, Iraq and Syria.. but the motherfu*ker travelled through England too! He even went to bloody Arsenal games!! Should we try Tony Blair in the same degree?!

Of course we fu*king shouldn't. I'm appalled by people who say things like "oh i want to see that monster hung!" My question to you would be, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SOMEONE HUNG?! IT'S ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. IT'S QUITE POSSIBLY THE MOST IMMORAL THING I HAVE EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE TO WATCH WITH MY OWN 2 EYES.

I cannot understand this mindset of wanting to watch someone die. The fact that by hanging the sick bastard he's become a martyr is completely oblivious to some people. While we cannot understand the reasoning behind it, the fact is there are a LOT of people who support Saddam, whether they're reported by CNN or not. I'd much rather have seen Saddam locked in a cell and left there for the next 100 years. No access to media. No access to even the most basic of life luxuries. Give him bread and water and a vitamin tablet to keep him going and one hour of exercise a day to keep him healthy. Let him waste away in some god-forsaken corner of the earth never to comman public empathy, respect, sympathy, whatever, again..

But no.. We had to hang him. And anyone who says "it was an Iraqi court that determined the verdict" is bloody naive. I'm sorry.. but they are. It was like the Nuremburg trials. There was never going to be any verdict other than Guilty and no sentence other than death.

Ugh.. It's all shite as far as I'm concerned.
We all have our opinions.
Some people would enjoy watching him hang, some not.
Is there a right of wrong answer?
I guess it's in the eye of the beholder.

However, censor evading which such strong language is not the right answer.
LTrey locked this thread before and then ulocked it because it had not got out of hand.
Now it is.