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    Re: Hurricane IKE!!!!!

    Another Update:

    I got my internet back.

    I know this has been my own personal blog.
    There are plenty of people that are worse off than me.
    Much much worse!
    The one reason I was keeping this thread alive was because I always took for granted the other disasters that have taken place.
    I wanted other people on this site to get an idea of what goes on in these communities that are hit with this much catastrophic damage.
    I think that it will be really difficult to understand even from the photos and the descriptions given to understand the full spectrum of what the devastation was like unless you either live in it or have volunteered in an area like this.
    By devastation I am not just talking about destroyed building, it is livelihoods and a way of life that can only be understood from living in that area before and after. Anyways, please read on......

    Red Cross is serving lunch and dinner meals up and down the street through out the day.
    Mainly because people like me still don't have gas for the stove.
    Also the water needs to be boiled.
    In the day of bottled water, it makes it a bit easier to get drinking water.
    This whole event has been one learning experience.

    I would say that about 75 percent of the businesses took on water.
    They are not open.
    There are some that don't even look like they are going to try and open.
    I am still trying to work on my personal space.
    I can imagine that the small business owners are doing the same with their personal items first.
    This event is going to change the way this community runs.

    A lot of the essential businesses are open.
    There are a limited number of gas stations open.
    No long lines or anything.
    There are limited number of restaurants open, and they are making a killing, mint.

    If I get my gas online today, I will be back to normal minus the cleaning and repairs that I still need to do.

    This should be my last post on this subject.
    Thanks for all those that have shown concerns in posts and even just in thoughts.
    I hope this thread has been enlightening to some.

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    Re: Hurricane IKE!!!!!

    Big fossil found in Ike-ravaged home's front yard;_ylt=AkveAvHF4i15XmLYXLfBwzEsQE4 F

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