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    Human Liver, Part of Head Sent to Home

    CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Two packages containing human body parts _ including a liver and part of a head _ meant for a medical research lab instead were delivered to a home.

    The body parts, sent from China, were mistakenly dropped off Thursday at Franck and Ludivine Larmande's home by a DHL express driver who believed the bubble-wrapped items were pieces to a table.

    "My husband started to unwrap one and said, 'This is strange, it looks like a liver,'" Ludivine Larmande said. "He started the second one, but stopped as soon as we saw the ear.

    "Something wasn't right. It was scary, and I'm glad I didn't open them."

    The couple called Kent County sheriff's deputies, who determined the preserved body parts were for medical research, Lt. Roger Parent said.

    Authorities believe 28 more bubble-wrapped human organs and body parts could be dispersed across the country, the newspaper said. Two of five packages headed to the northern Michigan lab broke open, scattering their contents.

    "There will definitely be a shock to people if they see these things, but there is no hazard to health," Parent said.

    DHL is investigating whether it should have shipped the body parts and how the packages were dispersed, spokesman Robert Mints said.

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    Re: Human Liver, Part of Head Sent to Home

    thats what happens when you mess with the familys!
    woo out
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    Re: Human Liver, Part of Head Sent to Home

    Man, that's like ordering a pizza for Neph.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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