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    Re: Huge problem in Minneapolis

    Urban geese are to easy to shoot. No sport. They are to used to humans and such.

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    Re: Huge problem in Minneapolis

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    No problem with deer here, I would rather hunt Mule deer then Whitetail anyday. No problems with elk here, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, cougar, rabbits, grouse, phesants.........great hunting in this state.

    Except waterfowl sucks lately geese are rare, and you may even be lucky if you see a mallard. Last year I shot one duck, a wood duck and that was it all year. You may get lucky if you go river walking, sneaking up on the cutbacks but if you hunt a waterfowl area a marshland it is bad.

    Well if your into waterfowl this is probably one of the best spots in the USA.. I just chillin a duck blind and Geese and Duck fly over constintly.. Don't even need to use a call if you don't want to..

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