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    Re: How long have you been a member of pp.o?

    I joined Nov.6 2006

    This was my first post :

    Hi everyone there ,Im El Vikingo, I love The F**** Vikings since years ago when I was whatching a Football match on EuroSport,I dont remember well but I think
    We had a QB playing with a sunglass on his helmet wearing number 9 , I dont remeber his name ...

    Here in Spain none knows football ,they think american football is the same sport as rugby,its hilarious,for it I cant talk about footballl with none and I decided to register in this great site
    to be able to give my opinion, I donw know speak english finely
    neither I know very much about football,but theres something
    I know...,My blind
    grandpa would
    play better than any of ours receivers ,and Childress reminds me to Woddy Allen.

    Theres one more thing I know I love this team and I ll always support it ,so lets kick some Packers asses this Fucking Sunday!!!!!!!!

    LOL my english was putrid
    El underdog.

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    Re: How long have you been a member of pp.o?

    Since September 08, 2005.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: How long have you been a member of pp.o?

    March 17, 2006

    *I don't think the Vikings need to trade up to get a quality QB either.
    If Cutler does somehow fall to the Vikes, no doubt they should grab him.
    But if the big 3 are all off the board they have to draft an LB or RB.
    Taylor is unproven and they need a backup plan.

    *This draft has great depth at LB, so we should hold out and use a second round pick on a quality LB there.
    Also, has anyone watched much film on this kid Ingle Martin?
    From what I've seen he has a cannon for an arm and has some nice touch too.
    He could be a steal in the later rounds for a project QB.
    Not sold on Jacobs just yet as a second round pick.
    I'd rather the Vikes take a solid value pick (maybe OL or TE) in the second round then risk a high pick on a QB from a weak conference *(not to say the MAC QB's haven't been tearing the NFL up the last few years).
    I was wrong about them trading up for a QB.
    I'd love to have Cutler now.
    Rock out with your cock out!!!

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