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    Re: how did you know.....

    "whackthepack" wrote:
    "nextvikingsstar" wrote:
    maybe this is a little to lovey dovey for a p.p.o. forum, but ive been seeing a girl now for 3 months officially, but weve been together for more like 6 months, and idk ive never been so happy, i never worry about her hurting me, or me hurting her, im pretty sure i know shes the one, but idk its a big step any advice.......

    howd you guys or gals know?

    She became my best friend, I saw something in her that I have never seen in another woman and i just knew she was the right one for me!
    That is a very important part. She needs to be your best friend. Physical attraction will fade with old age, and you will need friendship and love to fall back on. I can't say anything critical about the amount of time you've been together. My wife and I were friends first, and then only dated for about 4 months before I proposed (My impending departure to Kuwait may have sped things up a bit...). We have been happily married the better part of a decade, and I imagine we will continue to be so for the rest of our lives.
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    Re: how did you know.....

    Wait until you are at least 21 and see if you still feel the same way! If so, marry her!
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