My mom comes from a family of 10, so I have 5 uncles and 4 aunts on her side. I have 42 cousins on my mom's side. My dad has a twin brother and a sister. I only have 4 cousins on that side.

As for my immediate family it's kinda goofy so stick with me.

I'm the oldest at 27. I have one "full" sibling (same mom and dad). He's 26. Then my parents got divorced. My dad remarried 5-6 years later and I have a brother from him and his second wife who will be a junior in high school. Then my dad got divorced from her. Then my dad got remarried to a lady that had 3 daughters, so I had three step sisters. Then my mom got remarried and had 2 kids, so I have a "half" brother who will be in third grade and a "half" sister who will be in second grade Then he got divorced so I don't have 3 step sisters anymore. Now he has a live in girlfriend that has 2 sons.

So all in all 3 brothers, 1 sister, 11 sets of aunts and uncles, 46 cousins!