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    Re: How big is the universe?

    if you really wan to feel small look at the stars on a clear night and relize every one of them is a sun with around 9 planets. and youre telling me were the only advanced race of intelligent life? i dont thik so brother
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    Re: How big is the universe?

    Einstein theorized that the gravitational pull of a black hole forced time/space
    to fold in on itself, creating a "pocket" within the confines of the black hole.
    Because the size of our universe is theoritically limitless, the size of the pocket is too.
    Hence the alternate dimension on the other side of the black hole.
    I had not heard of the white hole theory yet, but I guess that would fall under the same theory too.

    There is some arguement as to whether or not there can be an infinite number of black holes, because it is unknown if matter and energy are infinite yet...
    The cool part is Einstein was able to prove that gravity warps both light and space mathimatically, and the effects of it were later observed physically.

    If you really want to screw with the limits of human comprehension... both Einstein and Hawkings proved that our current mathematics break down when dealing with extreme values and limits.
    (Simplest proof: .9999... = 1.0)
    That means that our entire current understanding of the universe is based on a flawed premises.
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    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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