"VikingNed" wrote:
"FedjeViking" wrote:
Roast Pig, and then CHEESECAKE!! >
My mouth is watering!

Cajun, you better have that gumbo at the Skins game!! Can't get any of this other good food being discussed here.

Actually Fedje,

This was our third Pig Roast this year, the first two someone else cooked and my wife almost cried both times.
When we left, she asked me both times, how can someone ruin a fine pig like that...

This last one, she decided to have her own pig and cook it, her own way....Man was it juicy and delicious.....She actually called her parents and sisters in the Philippines to let them know that she was feeling like she was back in the islands...The Lechon came out GREAT.....

I told her, she should start a side buisness of roasting pigs for partys...
We have guys around here that do pig roasts. They stuff them with stuffing, saurkraut, kielbasa, or anything else you like. It's pretty good, but I bet your wife's was better!

You could have overnighted me some of that cheescake!