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Thread: Horse rescue

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    Horse rescue

    "This is an amazing video! You may have heard about the herd of horses that were trapped for 3 days on a tiny piece of land in wind and rain in the Netherlands a short while ago? They were trapped on a small piece of land, surrounded by water. Their natural instincts kept them from swimming to solid land from their tiny perch.

    There were about 100 horses huddled together against the wind and water. The Nation was mesmerized watching this drama as 18 of the horses perished, while others were slowly weakening.

    First the fire department, then the Dutch army, tried to rescue them - both efforts were unsuccessful. Then, with a break in the weather, the water level went down and four women hatched a plan to attempt a rescue by luring the horses into the water.

    Here's a video of the successful rescue. I was very touched as I watched the video of these magnificent animals being saved. I hope you enjoy this uplifting video."


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    Re: Horse rescue

    That was pretty cool.
    It looks like they roped off the safe route for the horses to take, and people were in the water moving the ropes so they could see it.
    I hadn't heard about it before.
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    Re: Horse rescue

    what a great video, thank you

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