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Thread: Horrible News

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    Horrible News

    Fellow football fans I have horrible news to share tonight. On Monday night my girlfriends wonderful mother passed away at the young age of 52. She was a very healthy and wonderful person, and was a second mother to me. She leaves behind her husband, 4 children and son in law (and a future son in law in me), 5 siblings, both of her parents and many nieces and nephews. This is a very hard time for my girlfriend and I, along with all of her family members. It was a very unexpected death and we are all deeply saddened.

    I don't try to make a habit of this, but I just ask that you send your prayers out to her and her family in these trying times, no matter race, religion or God. Thank you for your support!


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    Re: Horrible News

    hey she and her family has my prayers, sorry to hear that
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    Re: Horrible News

    Prayers are coming your way.
    Sorry for the loss.
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    Re: Horrible News

    No way man! Sorry to hear.. Keep on keeping on bro.. She is in a better place now

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    Re: Horrible News

    Sorry to hear that may she rest in peace
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    Re: Horrible News

    My condolences. Will defiinitely put you and her family in my prayers.

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    Re: Horrible News

    very sorry to hear this. my prayers will definately be with you and your family.

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    Re: Horrible News

    Sorry to hear this P. Such a shame when a person passes at such a young age. My father passed at 47.

    I will say a prayer for her family, friends, and for her.

    God Bless!

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    Re: Horrible News

    i know how you feel dude.

    my best friends brother died of skin cancer on oct. 1st.

    my prayers are wit ya!

    Go vikes!!

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    Re: Horrible News

    At first i thought you were going to say something like kluwe is done for the year, but you didnt... now i wish you would have said that instead

    sorry to hear bout it
    Make love to the present, fuck the past
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