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    Hey, We Haven't Heard From Casper Since the Titan's Game

    I hope he made it back o.k. He and the LRVF are probably still drowning in their tears from the Giants.

    The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good -Samuel Johnson - lexicographer
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    Hey, We Haven't Heard From Casper Since the Titan's Game

    Drownding in our tear is correct, but I am still on the road now in london...was unable to make Minney no tickets from New York for the ity bity tity club game and of course my partners in NewYork Have Given me Heck on their win :colors: ukeright:
    I hope to be home soon LRVF is having to much fun :shaking: shopping :shock: we were able to pick up to Viking Caps and a BIG #11 jersy :scratch: while in the good old USA this time so we can put some pic in the gallery of land marks with the purple pride presents... :cheers:
    got to run ale: :evil: be back at you all soon thanks SKOL for thinking about us out here


    You can't hide from the purple Pride 8)
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    Tomorrow a Mystery
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    Hey, We Haven't Heard From Casper Since the Titan's Game

    Look forward to the pics, casper! Have fun and spread the word...VIKINGS RULE!!!

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