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    Hey Purple Pals.....

    I'm back...for the time being, anyway. I've had a nasty virus on my computer that's kept me from being able to do much of anything besides read posts.

    For right now, however the virus seems to be in "remission", so I'm taking this chance to give my feelings on the state of the team heading into the offseason.

    Frankly, I'm torn between wanting to be a good supporting fan of the Vikings and being totally disgusted with the whole damn organization. Seriously. It makes me physically ill at times. How can a team look like a juggernaut on one game, and then in a matter of one stinking week turn into the Keystone Kops of the NFL?

    Will it change for better with having a new owner? Maybe, maybe not. I remember how we were almost unanimously overjoyed when Red came in because we were all sick of the previous ownership. Well, here we are again, almost to a man (and woman), wanting the current owner tied up and dragged out of the state.

    Our two new possibilities are an unknown millionaire from Arizona who has to recruit a bunch of other millionaires to scrape up the cash needed to buy the team (think he's gonna bring in the highly desired free agents?), and a local favorite who owns the Timberwolves (is he rich enough to bring in highly desired free agents for TWO pro sports franchises?).

    Am I being pessimistic? Realistic? Both? I can't say...all I can go by is from watching the schizophrenic directions and decisions that have been made over the last several years.

    This is gonna sound crazy...but I could actually deal with the ineptness if it were consistent. But it's not. It's the flashes of brilliance that are tossed into the mix that are giving me ulcers.
    Pride one moment, followed very shortly thereafter with an equal or bigger dose of shame. I tell ya, I've had to eat so much personal crow that I'm beginning to crap feathers. To quote my granddad...The Vikings need to "shoot, shit, or get off the pot." One of the three...not ALL three...and especially not in the course of a single game. It's too hard on my stomach.

    Moss. This pains me to say, and not "only" because I just recently got his jersey as a gift from one of the most awesome people I know.....but if his departure by trade nets us an All-Pro defensive player along with some 1st-round Draft pick(s), then I'd have to bid a fond farewell to him. I don't know, though, that even if a favorable trade did go down, that it would be the answer to our dreams. Would it?

    We'd still have our bargain-basement coaching staff if "Six-Shooter" doesn't sell. Or...say he does...the new owner might decide to bring in a totally new coaching staff. Bye-bye, tiny amount of continuity. Granted, the personnel changes wouldn't likely happen if it's Fowler who takes over, since a year or two would pass before he and his co-owners could agree on suitable replacements.

    Here's my best-case (readREAM) scenario.....

    1) Red sells to Taylor
    2) Taylor gets through to Moss in a private talk and Moss
    develops a "team-first" attitude.
    3) Taylor opens his wallet wider than usual in order to bring in
    two top-drawer Defensive free agents and trade UP in the
    Draft to get the best available player, regardless of position
    (except QB, of course).
    4) Taylor offers Tice a pay raise to take a demotion back to his
    old job of O-line coach. Tice accepts, and to everone's
    surprise Bill Walsh accepts the HC job...............

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...BUZZZZZZZ!!!!! Huh? Damn, what a nice dream...ahh, I love snooze alarms.....*click*.....zzzzzz.....

    5) Taylor scrapes up enough money to provide a new stadium
    (with retractable roof) that's called "Valhalla Coliseum".
    6) I win the Megabucks jackpot and get season tickets
    for 50 of my closest fellow Vikes fans and arrange a yearly get-together to watch the Vikes pound on the Favre-coached Packers.
    7) The Vikings go on to claim the title of SuperBowl XXXX,
    XXXXI, XXXXII, XXXXIII, and XXXXIV Champions!!!

    *sigh* Well, it's been nice to rant, anyway. Feel free to respond, criticize, or whatever. If the virus kicks back up, I should still be able to at least read posts.

    SKOL, all.

    Oh, P.S......
    The Patriots' SuperBowl run has been a sham INMNSHO, but I'm pretty sure they're done now, though.

    Kudos to Terrell Owens for putting up great numbers despite his ankle injury, and for calling out those who called him selfish for playing, when as he put it, "Brett Favre would have been applauded as a warrior if he had done the same thing."

    Too bad the Eagles were bought off, huh?


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    Hey Purple Pals.....

    Good to have you back reno! Good post

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Hey Purple Pals.....

    We can ALWAYS dream!!!

    Who was the previous ownership? If memory serves me, it was the ten-headed ownership group that owned 10% each, that the NFL made sell out because the NFL wanted a majority owner in all franchises (except media darling Green Bay).

    Taylor does have enough cash to do it...but I am pretty sure that he would sell the T-Wolves if push came to shove (he won't have to).

    No, trading Moss wouldn't help us enough (actually probably hurt us)...besides, we have the cap room to go out and get quality FAs AND still keep Moss.

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    Hey Purple Pals.....

    It's been so long Reno. You should go to the Free Beer forum and we'll welcome you there. Ultra might even see fit to offer you the official beer of PP.O .

    To be honest it doesn't matter to me who owns the team as long as they're committed to winning rather than just making money.

    Like Cajun said trading Moss would be a big mistake. We have plenty of money under the cap to fill hole's via free agency, and if we get another starter or two via the draft we'll be set for some significant runs at the Superbowl.

    The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good -Samuel Johnson - lexicographer
    The word genius isn t applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein - Joe Theisman

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    Hey Purple Pals.....

    Welcome Back Reno. I guess I'll just put this in here rather than starting a new topic. I'm going to be offline for a bit. I've accepted a new job in Nevada and I preparing to move. I'll be leaving Wisconsin in about a week or so. I'm bringing my laptop with me so I'll be out of touch for a bit.

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