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    Hey guys check this out...

    I was in Best Buy and they had Madden 2006 set up on one of their tvs with the xbox playing itself. Guess who was playing? Vikings @ Falcons...and that is the game I am going to this year, and it will be my first NFL game I have ever been to. I thought it was interesting, so I watched what was going on. First play I watched, Vick handed off to Dunn and he was stuffed in the middle by Dontarrius Thomas and he fumbled. We jumped on the ball and the Falcons reviewed the play, which stood as Vikings ball. The first play that we have with the ball after the turnover, Culpepper bombs it to Burleson for about a 40 yard TD!!! We were winning 19-7, and then some little kid picked up the controller and started pressing buttons, which ruined the game. As soon as all of this happened, I thought about posting it on here just because I thought it was a pretty cool coincidence!

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    Re: Hey guys check this out...

    Was the kid wearing a Ron Mexico jersey? if you know what I mean.

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