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    Re: Help me settle an argument

    You put a lot of thought in to this. Stop thinking, because it's stupid. It's a game. If you get in to some fight over this, you need therapy.

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    Re: Help me settle an argument

    Ask yourself this:
    Is this issue a deal breaker?
    Will her supporting another team cause irreparable harm to your marriage?

    If so, you have much more severe issues to contend with.

    If not, then take it for what it is.
    According to your post, she supports the Jags...even if she doesn't watch all the games.

    I am in a similar position, only worse.
    My wife is a Packer fan...always has been.
    She wouldn't "support me" as a Viking fan at gunpoint.
    In fact, she laughs in my face whenever we lose to the Packers (So I've been getting laughed at for 2 solid years!!!).
    My retort is, "Name 5 players on that team NOT named Favre"...and she can't.
    But, it doesn't change the fact that she's still laughing, the Vikes still lost, and my Sunday is ruined.


    That isn't the end-all be-all of our marriage.
    If it was, it would have ended before it began.

    So, if you go, and if your wife wears a Jags jersey...let her.
    She is supporting you by NOT making you wear a Jags jersey.
    She's ALLOWING your freedom of choice.
    You should do the same.

    I take it, from items you stated, that there are a couple of cultural issues that may be on the table as well that we americans don't place a priority on.
    If that's the case, then this is the wrong place to seek advice.
    Without knowing which culture, I have no way of knowing what the "proper" response would be.

    But, from MY background, I'd say let it ride.
    Cherish the positives, and revel in the differences.
    After all, no one wants to be with a carbon copy of themselves.


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