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Thread: happy moment

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    happy moment

    im bored so u ppl know me when i get bored i say stupid things but n e wayz i am at 420 with postings thats amazing

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    happy moment

    No you're not - you're at 421... Can't you count? LOL!
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    happy moment

    No he is at 422! :lol:

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    happy moment

    When I became a fan.......

    I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 7 years old when I heard my first viking game with my dad. We were driving to one of his friends house and it was snowing like crazy outside (Go figure...snow in Minnesota) and we were sitting outside his house wating for him to come outside. I was pretty bored so I decided to channel surf on the FM stations. I turned it to K102 and there it was, wating for my ears, the Minnesota Vikings playing the Chicago Bears. I had never heard or seen a game before because my mother wasnt into the sports scene when I lived with her. As I sat there in the car, watching the snow fall, I heard our running back run a long one into the endzone and my dad exploded with a cheer. At that moment in my life I realized that I was going to grow up loving the Minnesota Vikings. Ever since that day I have been a HUGE fan, loving every moment of Viking football. It has never been whether they won or lost, as long as they were on the radio, or even better, the television. I joined the Military when I was 18 and brought the Purple with me, with the NFL Sunday ticket. My Wife at the time hated it, but I didnt care, because every game I have watched or listened to since that day, has made me equally as excited to be a Minnesota Vikings fan.
    For my son's 3rd Christmas I broke down and bought him his first authentic Minnesota Vikings jersey. Even though it costed me a pretty penny, and the kid wouldnt have known the difference between real or fake, it was worth EVERY penny I spent. After that the little guy wore it every other day until the 84 washed off of the back.
    Much love to my Father, the greatest man I have evey met!
    Even though he is a fair weather fan.....:-)

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