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    Hair patrol: La. barber ticketed for Monday work

    HOUMA, La. - Police in this town wouldn't cut a break for a barber who ran afoul of an obscure law barring him from working Sundays and Mondays.

    Clyde Scott had opened his shop May 19 just to trim up a few students getting ready for their graduation ceremony when an officer gave him a citation.

    A law on the books in Houma for decades bars barbers from working Sundays, Mondays, any of several holidays and even the day after Labor Day.....;_ylt=Alw1eNWjCCAU.hkqIUqLU6QsQ E4F

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    Re: Hair patrol: La. barber ticketed for Monday work

    that is stupid. its your shop, you should be able to work when ever the hell you want to
    We're bringing purple back.

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